Can I install Stacks 2 and Stacks 3 on the same computer?

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asked Sep 2, 2015 in Stacks by isaiah (13,745 points)

I'd like to be able to continue to use some projects in Stacks 2 and as I transition over to Stacks 3. Is this possible?

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answered Sep 2, 2015 by isaiah (13,745 points)

I would strongly urge people NOT to do anything like that. It is very easy to get tangled in knots with the various versions. There are lot stacks that require Stacks 3 -- once updated the content built with those can't be easily migrated back -- and finding older versions can be non-trivial.

In my opinion, the best way is to move forward -- but do it when the time is right for you.

That said, the one solution I have found that is rather foolproof in this regard is to keep a separate user account for the older version -- as the developer I have no choice but to switch back and forth continually -- and this is what I do. This will ensure isolation of not only the Addons folder, but also the files that you open with it.

Short of that, I think you're really tempting fate -- and I'd just urge a really solid hourly Time Machine backup in case you need to jump back.