Delete all partials and start over.

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asked Sep 28, 2016 in RapidWeaver by Ron West (215 points)

I have made a real mess of creating partials and now want to start over.
How do I delete the partials that I have already created from each page and also from the library.
I then hope to be able to re-create them, now I know more about what I am doing.
I have read all the stuff in the various forums but, am now so confused and would appreciate some detailed step by step guidance please.
Ronnie West

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answered Sep 28, 2016 by q2aadmin (6,045 points)

To delete a partial from a page:

  • select the partial by clicking on it.
  • press the delete key on the keyboard

To delete a partial from the library:

  • Make sure that the partial isn't being used anywhere on any page. Stacks will not let you delete a partial that is still being used.
  • Right-Click (or Ctrl-Click) on the partial in the library.
  • Choose Remove from Library

There is a good movie that shows the basics of how partials work here:

And there is another that is specifically about pinned and unpinned content here:

If you'd help with your specific document, you should contact YourHead Support by sending an email to

commented Sep 29, 2016 by Ron West (215 points)
Great answer!  I now understand how to do this.
Thank you for a swift and. easily understood reply.