How do I play an mp4 video in my RW site without using YouTube or Vimeo?

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asked Oct 18, 2016 in RapidWeaver by Ron West (215 points)
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I already use uTube to play my video's on my site but, I want to self host one or two direct from a page on my site. Can this be done?
Also what imapct does this have on bandwidth with my Host (GoDaddy)

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answered Oct 30, 2016 by swilliams (2,445 points)
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Yes, use an html5 video stack, there are several out there.
Bandwidth - directly related to video size and amount of plays, but in general yes, it takes a lot of bandwidth.

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answered Sep 26, 2017 by q2aadmin (6,045 points)

It can be done. You'll need an HTML5 video stack. There are several available on the RapidWeaver Community:

But keep in mind that video is very very large. Sending out video to many viewers takes a huge amount of bandwidth and host CPU. Most hosts like GoDaddy have very low limits on how much bandwidth you are allowed to send out.

You can probably self-host small, short videos from your own host if your pages doesn't get too much traffic. But if you're expecting a lot more traffic what you might want to do is embed a Vimeo video in your page and remove all the Vimeo logos (something that can be done with a Vimeo "Pro" account).

This is what we do on the YourHead site to display our videos.