Why doesn't preview wok when I add a specific stack to a project?

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asked Jun 12 in Stacks by Mabinogion (45 points)

I have a strange phenomenon — when I add a Morphing Lightbox to my (Foundation) project the page that it is on previews perfectly. The other pages in the project, however, don't render. They also don't render in a browser:
• If I have a page loader active, I only see the page loader.
• If I deactivate the page loader, half the stacks on the page (including TopBar) don't render correctly. E.G. the TopBar background loads but without the navigation.

When I publish the site, everything seems to be working correctly.

The developer says that the project previews perfectly for him — what can I do to? I un-installed and re-installed RW and all stacks (including plists) and, of course rebooted – to no avail…

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