Why doesn't preview wok when I add a specific stack to a project?

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asked Jun 12, 2017 in Stacks by Mabinogion (135 points)

I have a strange phenomenon — when I add a Morphing Lightbox to my (Foundation) project the page that it is on previews perfectly. The other pages in the project, however, don't render. They also don't render in a browser:
• If I have a page loader active, I only see the page loader.
• If I deactivate the page loader, half the stacks on the page (including TopBar) don't render correctly. E.G. the TopBar background loads but without the navigation.

When I publish the site, everything seems to be working correctly.

The developer says that the project previews perfectly for him — what can I do to? I un-installed and re-installed RW and all stacks (including plists) and, of course rebooted – to no avail…

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answered Sep 26, 2017 by q2aadmin (6,045 points)

If some people see the page OK. And some do not (like yourself) then the most likely problem is that your browser is caching the older versions of the page.

Try clearing the browser cache -- or even better try a different browser that has not visited the site in a while.

This question is too specific to your document to be answered here. You should contact the support email for the developer or for stacks: http://yourhead.com/support