Some of Stacks I have installed are not appearing in RW Library.

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I look in the RW Addons folder and there they are, but they don't seem to show up inside the Stacks Library. What's wrong?

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This symptom has many potential causes. The main ones are:

  • For whatever reason (updates, installs, etc.), things have changed, and you need to restart RW. This is easily the most common. Here's a link to that answer: Missing after update
  • Something terrible has wreaked havoc on the contents of the addons folder and corrupted things. This is pretty rare, but it happens. Here's a link to that answer: Broken Stacks
  • The RW addons folder that you’re looking at is, for whatever reason, not the one that RW is looking at. There are dozens of reasons this can happen, and it’s very common.

Let's focus on the last one and answer it here:

If you’ve been using RW for more than a year, you likely have several addons folders on your drive. It can be easy to get RW confused and looking at the wrong one. And equally easy to become confuses ourselves and look at a different folder than RW happens to be using.

Causes that confuse RW:
  • A custom addons folder location is set – but the folder moves.
  • A custom addons folder is set, but it’s inside Dropbox and things chaining during a Dropbox sync confuses RW.
Causes of user confusion:
  • RW6 / RW7 have different folder locations
  • RW7 purchased through SetApp has a different location than if purchased directly.
  • You can set your own custom folder location
  • TimeMachine (or other backup tools) can create copies of folders with the same name -- it can be easy to open one of these instead.

Here's what to do:

  1. First make sure that RapidWeaver is not confused. If you have a custom folder location -- remove it (at least for now). This is in the RW prefs. Just let RW use its default location.
  2. Restart RapidWeaver to make sure there's no hint of your custom location anywhere.

Step 2: Find the right one
1. Open up RapidWeaver and got to a Stacks page.
2. Click the Gear popup menu and choose Show Stacks Library in Finder -- this is the location that Stacks is using right now.

Now that you have the right one, do so housekeeping:
- remove any unused plugins
- remove any unused stacks
- if you're not using some stacks/plugins right now, move them to a temporary location
- if anything looks corrupted or out of place, redownload it directly from the developer