Why does text copied from other apps look strange?

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asked Feb 6, 2015 in RapidWeaver by q2aadmin (6,045 points)

I copied text from Pages. It contained a bulleted list. When I paste the list into Stacks the bullets don't show up and the text is very small.

I've tried pasting the text into a Styled Text page instead of Stacks. The bullets show up, but the text is still very small.

I've tried with a Word document it shows strange behavior too.

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answered Feb 6, 2015 by isaiah (13,745 points)
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The RapidWeaver styled text engine can convert many styles that you find on Mac OS X applications into HTML, but not all styles. Some applications utilize styles that have no obvious HTML translation, some utilize styles that have application specific behavior, and rarely do they protect focus on Web Safe fonts or image formats.

If you copy and paste text with styles from other apps it often comes with more than than RapidWeaver can handle. The best way to avoid this is to clear out the formatting and use the RapidWeaver built-in formatting tools to style the text in a way that guarantees HTML can be created. There are a couple ways to do this:

Paste formatted text as plain text

If you haven't yet pasted the text into your document this is easiest.
- Copy the text as usual from the other app.
- In RapidWeaver choose Paste as Plain Text from the Edit menu.
- You can use the keyboard shortcut Cmd-Opt-V to do the same thing.

Clear the formatting on existing text

If you've already pasted text into your document this is easiest.
- Select the text that was pasted in.
NB: make sure to get all the whitespace around the text as it may contain invisible formatting
- Choose Clear Formatting from the Format menu.