What's the easiest way to work on my RapidWeaver project from another computer?

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asked Mar 5, 2015 in RapidWeaver by q2aadmin (6,045 points)

I would like to be able to update a few of my RW Web sites from another computer, my laptop actually instead of my desktop.

Right now, all RW files are on a mac mini and I would like to be able to work from my laptop when on the road.

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answered Mar 5, 2015 by isaiah (13,745 points)
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  1. Install RapidWeaver on your Macbook
  2. Copy over the addons folder
  3. Share the projects via Dropbox
  4. Some precautions
Download and install RapidWeaver on your Macbook.
  • Make sure that both your Mac Mini and your Macbook have the same version of RapidWeaver.
  • Launch RapidWeaver and enter your license information.
Copy over the addons folder

Note: if you need help finding your addons folder, check

  • On your Mac Mini make a copy of your RapidWeaver addons folder to Dropbox and share it with your Macbook.
  • On the Macbook, move the addons from Dropbox into place in the Macbook's addons folder.
  • Restart RapidWeaver and ensure that your addons are in place and working.
  • Make sure to test your themes and plugins.
  • Enter license info when needed.
Copy your RapidWeaver project files to Dropbox.
  • When the sync process is complete, open the project on your Macbook and try it out.
  • Make sure that you don't see any errors about missing plugins or themes.
Some precautions

Syncing large complex files like RapidWeaver projects between two machines is very very complex. And while it mostly just works as if by magic, I have also seen things go very wrong too: half synced projects, overlapping writes from two places, etc.

  • My recommendation is to keep your projects backed up via Time Machine. That way if things go very wrong, you can always jump back to the previous working revision.