Why does RapidWeaver slow down when I switch to another app and back again?

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asked Mar 8, 2015 in RapidWeaver by q2aadmin (6,045 points)

It doesn't always happen, but with some RapidWeaver projects it happens all the time. I click to over to another application and when I come back RapidWeaver hangs for a second or two, then continues.

It doesn't crash or cause problems, it's just slow for a second. After the stall things continue to work normally.

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answered Mar 8, 2015 by isaiah (13,745 points)
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It is most likely caused by autosave. Autosave saves your changes to the RapidWeaver project file whenever you Quit. It also saves when switch to another application.

This is a handy feature when you're working on a small-medium sized file, however if you're working on a large RapidWeaver project the save may take a noticeable amount of time and things will stall until the save completes.

If you are working on large files, you can switch off the autosave feature in the RapidWeaver preferences.

  1. Choose Preferences from the RapidWeaver menu.
  2. Uncheck the checkbox labeled Enable Autosave and Versions.
  3. A dialog box will appear, click Restart Now.

Remember: RapidWeaver will no longer save your work for you, so make sure to Save as often as possible.